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On the Island: English Song Highlights Compilation (CD) Collins Classic 1998

On this Island – English Song Highlights:
Compilation CD


Anthony Rolfe-Johnson (ARJ)
Adrian Thompson (AT)
Carlos Bonell (CB)
Christopher Maltman (CM)
Catherine Wyn-Rogers (CWR)
Duke Quartet (DQ)
Felicity Lott (FL)
Graham Johnson (GJ)
John Constable (JC)
Janice Watson (JW)
Louisa Fuller (LF)
Lisa Milne (LM)
Martyn Hill (MH)
Neal Davies (ND)
Philip Langridge (PL)
Steuart Bedford (SB)
Susan Gritton (SG)
Simon Keenlyside (SK)
Toby Spence (TS)
Label  Collins Classic
Code   COLL16132
Released  December 1998
Number of discs 1
<ASIN  B0000240K8

Track Listing

1. It was a lover and his lass: Ralph Vaughan Williams. ARJ, SK, GJ
2. On Wenlock Edge: Ralph Vaughan Williams. ARJ, GJ, DQ
3. Four Poems by Fredegond Shove: Ralph Vaughan Williams. ARJ, GJ
4. As You Like It: William Walton. MH, GJ
5. Façade: William Walton. FL, GJ
6. Lillygay: Peter Warlock. CM, JC
7. Peterisms: Peter Warlock. AT, JC
8. Sweet-and-twenty: Peter Warlock. AT, JC
9. Music when soft voices die: Liza Lehmann. ND, SB
10. (The) Daisy Chain: Liza Lehmann. JW, SB
11. Four Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Liza Lehmann. CWR, TS, SB
12. (The) Arnold Book of Old Songs: Roger Quilter. LM, GJ
13. (3) Songs: Roger Quilter. LM, GJ
14. (3) Shakespeare Songs: Roger Quilter ARJ, GJ
15. Rosmé: Roger Quilter. LM, ARJ, GJ
16. Songs of Innocence: Arthur Somerville. CWR, GJ
17. (A) Shropshire Lad: Arthur Somerville. CM, GJ
18. (4) Songs: Gustav Holst. SG, LF
19. (The) Heart Worships: Gustav Holst. CM, GJ
20. Folk Song Arrangements: Benjamin Britten. FL, GJ
21. Folk Song Arrangements: Benjamin Britten. PL, GJ
22. Folk Song Arrangements: Benjamin Britten. PL, CB

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