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1998 Orfeo Interview, La dernier chant d’Orphée

La dernier chant d’Orphée.

This is the interview Simon gave within the documentary, La dernier chant d’Orphée, about playing Orfeo at La Monnaie.



“I won’t be flattered into thinking I’m a dancer or that I’m even… that I’m dancing. I’m trying as hard as I possibly can to recreate something that would be acceptable for someone who might be watching a dance form.”

“Tricia did say at one point, ‘don’t forget I’m an abstract choreographer!’. But she followed it up by saying that at times she mess4would be narrative and she would… that the gesture would inform the music. At other times she would work against that music, and she has done. And so there was this perpetual moving in and out of the text, so that the physicality would at times be with the music and at other times specifically against. Even when a gesture is working away from the music it’s producing a pull that is giving some information and it’s… it’s a dialogue. You’ve got a physical and musical dialogue.

handsI don’t know how much of that will read to the audience but I feel it myself. That there’s like a…a physical counterpoint… that works in conjunction with the music. Not always in tandem, not always the peaks and troughs at the same time.”
“I simply take the story as it’s presented to me… and work it like a piece of clay, as much as I can within the confines of the… that I’m given by the maestro [Jacobs] or the other maestro Tricia. And, if I do too much in one direction they’ll stop me and they’ll keep me … grounded.”


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