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2005.12.01 Living out of the suitcase

Living out of the Suitcase

From the Austrian Magazine “Festspiele, 2005”

Translated by Gesine Menardi


The name of the most athletic singer in classical music is thought to be Simon Keenlyside. And he fills his suitcase accordingly. Sports shoes, shorts and T-shirts for training belong to the basic equipment as well as a compass on his wristwatch, a knife with a bottle opener, jeans, sweaters, cardigans, a watertight jacket, lounge jacket and his “working clothes” the dress-suit.

For biking tours he usually has his folded bike with him which he needs for getting to know the streets and lanes in different towns. “I am watching the world, not only living in it” the sportsman muses philosophically.

With literature and a lot of music (he has about 100 CDs in his fancy I-pod) he sweetens the long waiting hours in airports. The baritone is good at travelling, staying flexible. “It is part of our job, I am trying to be imperturbable” sums up the globetrotter. He then takes out his little book and starts to sketch nice little cartoons- just like Caruso.

He is not afraid of detergents, he washes shirts and socks himself. He tries to create a kind of a home when he is travelling: in his rented apartment he rearranges the furniture to his liking, puts up his digital radio to hear the BBC World Services, and he buys flowers, to fill the room with life.

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