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2019.06.09 Interview, Opera magazine July 2019

July 2019 issue of Opera magazine

“A Vagrant Life”

Simon Keenlyside discusses the pitfalls and rewards of the singing profession with Stephen A. Brown


“…Stephen A. Brown: Why and how did you choose such an unpredictable and uncertain profession as singing?

Simon Keenlyside: How many would say ‘I did not choose it, it chose me’? As a rider to that, I would say to any young singer, that unless there is a fire underneath your rear-end which you really cannot extinguish, then perhaps this is not the life for you. However, if you are sufficiently misguided, irresponsible and unrealistic, as I was, then you had better give it your best shot. Your passion will conceal the statistical chances of making a living from singing and, who knows, with hard work and luck you might just manage to do that…….”


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