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Britten, Benjamin: Purcell Realizations CD Hyperion 1995

Britten: Purcell Realizations


Purcell Realizations from Harmonia Sacra & Orpheus Britannicus
Felicity Lott (soprano)
Susan Gritton (soprano)
Sarah Walker (mezzo soprano)
James Bowman (countertenor)
John Mark Ainsley (tenor)
Ian Bostridge (tenor)
Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor)
Richard Jackson (baritone)
Simon Keenlyside (baritone)
Graham Johnson (piano)
Released: 1 Oct 1995; and released 29 May 2006
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Hyperion

Track Listing

Songs not in collection: Knotting Song (JB)
Purcell Realizations from Orpheus Britannicus: Songs (7), for voice & piano.
2. Fairest Isle (From Purcell’s “King Arthur,” Z 628) (FL)
3. If Music Be the Food of Love (From Purcell’s 379c) (JMA)
4. Turn Then Thine Eyes (From Purcell’s Z 425) (JMA)
5. Music for A While (From Purcell’s Z 583) (SW)
6. Pious Celinda (From Purcell’s Z 410) (IB)
7. I’ll Sail upon the Dog-Star (RJ)
8. On the Brow of Richmond Hill (From Purcell’s Z 405) (ARJ)
9. Mad Bess (From “Silent Shades,” Z370) (SW)
10. If Music Be the Food of Love (From Purcell’s Z 379a) (FL)
11. Not A Swain Of The Plain (From “Rule A Wife And Have A Wife” Z587) (IB)
12. Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move, Z 400 (JB)
13. Man Is For The Woman Made (ARJ)
14. Sweeter than Roses (From “Pausanias The Betrayer Of His Country,” Z585) (FL)
15. Purcell Realizations: A Miscellany of Songs, for voices & piano. O Solitude, My Sweetest Choice, Z406 (JMA)
Purcell Realizations from Orpheus Britannicus: Songs (5), for voice & piano.
16. I Attempt From Love’s Sickness To Fly (From “The Indian Queen”, Z 630) (SG)
17. I Take No Pleasure, Z 388 (IB)
18. Hark the Ech’ing Air!, Z 628 (FL)
19. Take Not A Woman’s Anger Ill, Z 609 (JMA)
20. How Blest Are Shepherds, Z 628 (JMA)
21. Purcell Realizations, songs not in collection Celemene, Pray Tell Me Oroonoko, Z584 (IB, SG)
Duets (6), for 2 voices & piano (Purcell Realizations)
22. Sound the trumpet (From Purcell’s “Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away, Z323) (JMA, ARJ)
23. I Spy Celia (From Purcell, Z 499) (IB, RJ)
24. Lost Is My Quiet [From “Lost Is My Quiet for Ever” (from Purcell, Z 502) (SG)
25. What Can We Poor Females Do? (from Purcell Z 518) (SG)
26. No, Resistance Is But Vain (from Purcell, Z 601) (RJ)
27. Shepherd, Leave Decoying (from Purcell, Z 628) (SG)
28. The Queen’s Epicedium (Purcell Realization), for soprano or tenor & piano Incassum, Lesbia, Rogas, Z 383 (IB)
Purcell Realizations from Harmonia Sacra, for voice & piano.
29. Tell Me, Some Pitying Angel (The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation, Z 196) (FL)
30. Saul and the Witch At Endor (from In Guilty Night, Z134) (JMA, SK)
Purcell Realizations: Divine Hymns (3), for voice & piano.
31.  Lord, What Is Man? (from Purcell, Z 192) (FL)
32. We Sing To Him [From “We Sing To Him Whose Wisdom Form’d The Ear” (from Purcell, Z 199) (JB)
33. Evening Hymn [From “Now That the Sun Hath Veiled His Light (from Purcell, Z 193) (FL)
34. Job’s Curse (from Let the Night Perish, Z19) (SK)
Purcell Realizations: Divine Hymns (2) and Alleluia, for soprano (or tenor) & piano.
35. A Morning Hymn (From “Thou Wakeful Shepherd” (from Purcell, Z 198) (ARJ)
36. Alleluia (From John Weldon’s “O Lord, Rebuke Me Not:) (ARJ)
37. In the Black Dismal Dungeon of Despair (from Purcell, Z 190) (ARJ)
Purcell Realizations, songs not in collection:
38. Dulcibella, When E’er I Sue for A Kiss (IB, RJ)
39. When Myra Sings Z521 A Miscellany of Songs (IB, RJ)
40. Let the Dreadful Engines (from The Comical History of Don Quixote, Z 578) (SK) Label Hyperion Code CDA67061/2 Re-released 29 May 2006 (originally September 19, 1995) Number of discs 2 ASIN B000FL6YE0 (originally B00000300M)

What the critics say

Alan Blyth for Gramophone November 1995

“Most impressive of all is Simon Keenlyside in “Let the dreadful engines of eternal will”, longest of the solos and the last.”

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