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Text and translation for Track 12: Du sollst der Kaiser meiner Seele sein from Der favorit by Stolz

Text and translation for Track 12

“Du sollst der Kaiser meiner Seele sein” from Der favorit by Stolz

Ich weiß ein Land, das ohne Schranken

Ich weiß ein Reich, worin sich ranken

Wohl tausend  zärtliche Gedanken

Um meiner Liebe Rosenpfad

Das ist das Land worin ich lebe,

das ist das Reich, das ich dir gebe

auf dessen Thron ich dich nun hebe

ist meines Herzens freier Staat.


Du, du, du sollst der Kaiser meiner Seele sein

Du, du, du sollst den Purpur tragen ganz allein,

Du, du, du sollst das Zepter führen

Du, du, nur du darfst drin regieren

Du, du, du ziehst als Sieger ein


Wenn du mich liebst, hast du zum Lohne,

in meinem Herzen deine Krone

und schaltest frei auf goldnem Throne,

den meine Liebe dir gebaut.



Du bist der Kaiser , den ich wähle,

und deine Wünsche sind Befehle

gehorchen wird dir meine Seele

die ich so ganz dir anvertraut.







I know a land without borders

I know an empire wherein are entwining

Some thousand tender thoughts

Around the rose-path of my love

This is the Land wherein I live

This is the empire that I will give to you

On the throne on which I will lift you

Is the free country of my heart.


You, you, you shall be the emperor of my soul

You, you, you shall wear the purple all alone

You, you, you shall raise the sceptre

You, you only are allowed to reign there

You, you march in as a victor.


If you love me you’ll get as a reward

A crown in my heart

And you shall operate freely on the golden throne

Which my love has built for you.


You are the emperor I choose

And your wishes are orders for me

My soul will obey you

Which I so entirely entrusted to you.

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Russ Stewart August 24, 2018 at 1:38 am

Thanks for the lyrics. My wife (83) and I (84) “discovered” central European (mostly) operetta about a yr and 1/2 ago. We long ago gave up hope that musical shows of the old Broadway variety would be forthcoming, providing new tunes for our entertainment. Then we found a whole new cache of songs in operetta and operetta-like-music in the shows of Kalman., Abraham Pal, Robert Stoltz etc. [Mostly in German and Hungarian, but also in other languages. Translating titles is usually no problem, but the lyrics are more problematical, – mostly those in German. Mark Twain once devoted a chapter in one of his travel books, to something like “The Horrible German Language” in which he pointed out some of the challenges faced by any student thereof. Most translations on the internet are just the literal translations obtained by plugging German text into the Google translater. Your website is much appreciated.
Thank you
R Stewart

peter bence July 13, 2013 at 3:16 am

I am thrilled to have found your site, I’ve known these grate tunes since I was 10 or less, I am 78 now.Born in Budapest. Lehar and Strauss among others were the great weaver of unforgettable
melodies.Thanks for your contribution.

Petra February 29, 2012 at 7:01 am

Simon is not responsible for the lyrics. The team has searched for texts and translations, or translated if not a “official” translation was found and put everything online. But thanks anyway.

Leo Rotter February 29, 2012 at 3:28 am

Thanks for the lyrics, Simon.
There are Lehar, Kalmann and Strauss, but
Stolz is deep in my heart.

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