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Schubert, Franz: Complete Lieder, Volume 22 (CD) Hyperion 1994

Schubert: Complete Lieder, Volume 22 (CD)


Composer Franz Schubert
Jamie MacDougall (tenor)
John Mark Ainsley (tenor)
Simon Keenlyside (baritone)
Michael George (bass)
Lorna Anderson (soprano)
Catherine Wyn-Rogers (mezzo soprano)
Patricia Rozario (soprano)
Catherine Denley (mezzo soprano)
Graham Johnson (piano)
Label Hyperion Schubert Edition
Code CDJ33022
Released October 1994
Number of discs 1

Track Listing

1. Trinklied (JM, JMA, SK, MG, GJ)
2. Morgenlied (LA, GJ)
3. An Sie (JM, GJ)
4. (Das) Mädchen aus der Fremde  (SK, GJ)
5. (Der) Abend (CWR, GJ)
6. Punschlied (JM, JMA, SK, MG, GJ)
7. An die Sonne (LA, GJ)
8. (Das) Leben ist ein Traum (LA, PR, CWR, GJ)
9. (Die) drei Sänger (CWR, GJ)
10. Erinnerung: Die Erscheinung (JM, GJ)
11. (Das) Abendroth (LA, CD, MG, GJ)
12. Genügsamkeit (CWR, GJ)
13. An Rosa I (JM, GJ)
14. An Rosa II (JM, GJ)
15. (Das) Bild (JM, GJ)
16. Furcht der Geliebten (SK, GJ)
17. Skolie (JM, GJ)
18. Cora an die Sonne (CWJ, GJ)
19. (Die) Sterne (JM, GJ)
20. Lob des Tokayers (JM, JMA, SK, MG, GJ)
21. Vaterlandslied (LA, GJ)
22. Gebet während der Schlacht (SK, GJ)
23. Hermann und Thusnelda (LA, SK, GJ)
24. Selma und Selmar (LA, JM, GJ)
25. Lorma (CWJ, GJ)
26. Cronnan (LA, SK, GJ)
27. Hymne an den Unendlichen (PR, CD, JM, MG, GJ)
28. (Das) Grab (JM, JMA, SK, MG, GJ)

What the critics say

Alan Blyth for Gramophone, January 1995.

‘…Johnson’s words on the next song Furcht der Geliebten demand to be quoted: ”… the result is a beautiful blend of styles where the hymnbook merges with the sensuously romantic Lied”—and who better to sing such a piece than the ever-improving Simon Keenlyside? His velvet baritone and immaculate line and diction turn this neglected song into the near-masterpiece it undoubtedly is.”

“Next—in one of the disc’s most convincing readings—Keenlyside projects Korner’s battle prayer, Gebet wahrend der Schlacht, with vibrantly attractive tone (he surely must have a disc to himself in this ongoing series). “

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